Pyramid PB1217X 1600-Watt 2-Channel Mosfet Arctic Series Amplifier (Pyramid PB717X 1,000-Watt 2-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier)

1600 watt arctic amplifier.

Bridgeable, 2-Channel Mosfet Pwm Power Supply 1600W Max, 4? Rms: 75W X 2 S/N Ratio: 90 Db

Product Dimensions: 16.2 x 11.8 x 3.4 inches ; 7.3 pounds
Shipping Weight: 8 pounds
ASIN: B000E432T8
Item model number: PB1217X

Pyramid PB1217X 1600-Watt 2-Channel Mosfet Arctic Series AmplifierVehicle Amplifiers)

Pyramid PB717X 1,000-Watt 2-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier

Pyramid prides itself on solid car audio without the huge price tag. The PB717X is no exception, featuring two MOSFET-powered channels of 50 watts RMS (75 watts at 2 ohms), bridgeable for subwoofers, and selectable high- and low-pass crossover modes for different applications.

Solid car audio without the huge price tag. Click to enlarge.

View output diagram.

View input diagram.

Delivers two channels or bridge mono for subwoofers. The PB171X cranks out 2 x 50 watts RMS at 4 ohms and is 2-ohm stereo stable for 75 watts x 2.

Selectable Crossover Modes
The built-in crossover can be set to full for normal full-range systems, or low-pass/high-pass for delivering specific frequencies to components or subwoofers. Low-pass and high-pass frequency controls are provided for setting the crossover frequencies.

Input Versatility
The PB717X includes both high-level and low-level inputs, so you’re covered with the various types of car stereos. The high-level inputs take direct speaker wire leads, while the low-level use RCA plugs.

To further match the amplifier to your receiver/head unit, a variable input level control is provided to dial in the perfect setting without distortion.

Bass Boost
Subwoofer fans rejoice: The PB717X features a bass boost of up to 18 dB, for added rumble.

The MOSFET pulse width modulated power supply helps provide excellent sound quality, minimal distortion, and efficient power handling.

Comprehensive Protection
High-performance audio requires a lot of power, and things can get hot quickly. Like any solid car amplifier, the PB717X features protective circuits. Overload and thermal indicators let you know they’ve activated and shut off the amp. In the event of a short circuit, power protection is provided in the form of easily replaceable fuses.

RMS power @ 4 ohms: 50 watts x 2 RMS power @ 2 ohms: 75 watts x 2 Maximum power output: 500 watts x 2 Input impedance/sensitivity (low-level): 10k ohms / 200 mV Input impedance/sensitivity (high-level): 100 ohms / 5V Signal/Noise ratio: 90 dB THD: Less than 0.04% Frequency response: 15-30 kHz Dimensions: 9.84 x 10.03 x 1.96 inches (L x W x H) Power supply voltage: 14.4V DC negative ground Maximum current draw: 30A

Pyramid PB717X power amplifier and user’s manual.

1000 Watts Total System Power Output
MOSFET Pulse Width Modulated Power Supply
Built-In Variable Low/High/Subwoofer Crossover
High/Low Level Input
2 Ohm Stereo Stable

Pyramid PB717X 1,000-Watt 2-Channel Bridgeable AmplifierVehicle Amplifiers)

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36 Responses to “Pyramid PB1217X 1600-Watt 2-Channel Mosfet Arctic Series Amplifier (Pyramid PB717X 1,000-Watt 2-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier)”

  1. Rita Goldman Says:

    Great buy for the price. i was loookin for sumthing cheap and good and found it. it is pretty big tho. but its good!

  2. Yessica Habero Says:

    Wow, what can i say about this product. A lot of my friends were like, “dude this thing would last a month”, well i am happy to say it has and more. My subs sound really good with this amp, I really didn’t expect this thing to do a whole lot, but it hits hard. Buy this and I promise you wont regret it.

  3. Nick Bryant Says:

    If you are questioning whether or not to buy this amp ponder no more. Ive been pushing its limits for 4 months now and it is still kicking just as hard as the day i installed it. Sceptical at first, pleased after time with performance.

  4. Llewelyn James Says:

    I have 2 RCA 6×9 with 500w max hooked up to this and it definetly works great. It sounds like one subwoofer. It could improve your system and i would suggest getting the 1600w one for a little bit more money. Just search it and its the same color and everything.

  5. Stephen Fredricks Says:

    well I was gona do a video review but they only let you upload a 10min 100meg clip.
    for the price this is a good amp so far, its not a true 1000W that’s for sure its more like 600W, the fuse says it a 30a. well if this was a true 1000W it would have a 50a fuse or 2 25a’s
    but for what this does push its not bad. got an 8″ 4ohm wired in series, bridged, that’s 250W max and I don’t have the gain control at max.
    I recommend this for people on a budget.

    now as for the rest complaining about this amp, if you don’t know how to properly install and set one up don’t bother with any amp. cause they are all about the same.

  6. Cristian Florescu Says:

    When i got the package i was shocked by the size of this thing. it was HUGE and HEAVY. It’s not an issue for me since all i look for is performance.As for the performance, i think it’s pretty good. I don’t have a decent subwoofer yet ( will buy 1 soon), but i hooked up a supposed 300 watt roadmaster speaker to this amp to see if i hooked up everything right. it was pounding like crazy and speaker got blown the *** up in 5 minutes. i was happy to see that because when i read a review saying that it was way under power of what it claimed to be, i was a little bit skeptical. Nevertheless, it’s a 40 dollars amp. Cheapest in its price range. Even if it’s only 500 rms i still think it’s a heck of a deal. The amp has a lot of tweaks that i have yet to explore. I’m not Native English speaker so i hope you understand and find this review helpful :) . Peace!

    EDIT: it’s currently pushing 1 12” kicker cvx!!!!!! it bangs! you have to adjust the amp to get the max power out of it! i’m double happy with this amp right now! no overheatings or random shut downs! awesome awesome awesome!!!

  7. Tosin Ajibowo Says:

    at around 400Watts peak. 200-250rms per channel in REALITY. works great bridged over mono channel on a 15″ 600rms woofer. will run two low powered 12″ woofers allright as well. for the price id buy again. but if your looking for REAL POWER spend a lil more cash and buy a real amp like JL rockford fosgate or Crunch.

  8. B Hopkins Says:

    The Amplifier is overall good amp for the price.I installed two 12in Pyle drivers and its knocking gOOOOOOOOD AMPPPPPPP Buy it if your on a budget if not get the kenwood

  9. Jon James Lee Says:

    This amp is great, the controls are easy to use, it stays cool, and it makes my 10” boss hit hard, infact it stays soo cool, unless you run it turned up as loud as ur sub can handle for a good hour straight u wont feel any heat, after driving for 2 hours, and having it pounding the whole time, it only got warm enough that i could tell it was heating up at all. I am very very happy with this amp. well worth the money!!

  10. Nick Usborne Says:

    What installed in the car with two cornets of 500 wats and a subwoofer 500, sounds good no distortion

  11. Gradle Gardner Says:

    Great product for the price i paid for it. I think that I am still in shock how cheap this amp was. it sounds great in my car and it shipped here pretty quickly!!

  12. William Lund Says:

    I just installed this amp into my car today and its not that bad of a amp.
    Im not a huge expert on this stuff and etc but I do know alittle.
    This amp is great for the price, it hits pretty hard on my two 12in kenwoods.
    Im hearing from different people on here that this is a really sucky/bad amp but i think it works really good.
    Its a great cheap first time amp.
    if you want some extra bass without spending alot of money this amp is a great choice.
    If you want the top of the line stuff, then this amp isnt for you.
    This is the first amp ive had but it hits as hard as my friends cars and they have more expensive name brand amps.

  13. Stella Harvey Jones Says:

    Great amp for the price..Have it hooked up to a pyramid cap pushing a sony dvc and a fosgate p2 12…Rattles my mirrors and trunk very
    well..Its a beast!

  14. Star Smith Says:

    If your looking for top of the line this is not for you, you shouldn’t even be looking on amazon. I used this for my dual kicker 12 inch comps, until it started overheating. I now use a kicker IX amp for my subs and this for my speakers. Pyramid says this is a 1000watt amp, but in reality its actually only about 100. Although if you set this up correctly you can make you’r subs bump fairly loud. Only buy this amp if your really short on cash, or don’t care how good/bad your setup is. Some tips to somebody trying to get an amazing sound system: try to buy everything made by the same company(Alpine, Boston Acoustics, JL Audio, Kicker, and Pioneer are all good brands), get it professionally installed or have somebody who knows what there doing help you out(running your power wire to close to your RCA wires, and many other things you wouldn’t even think about can cause major problems) and finally ALWAYS get a good warranty(if you have a warranty you can turn the volume ALL the way up and not worry about blowing anything).

  15. Harry K Smith Says:

    I was skeptical since I have never heard of this brand. Friends kept telling me it would die since it seemed like a cheap brand but it hasn’t. Its great for those on a budget.

  16. John Joe Says:

    i just installed the amp under my seat although its big i didnt have problem. its pushing 2 10 in rockford fosgate punch series and it works just fine. it dosent bump that hard but its loud somehow for the money i like it and its not a bad looking product. a big improvment over my 300 watter i had.

  17. Juana Cruz Says:

    I have mtx dual magnum 12s doin a 1000wattz. Dis amp pushes them hard witout them bein bridge. Only had it 4 2days drivin back in forth to work about 30mins and it doesnt get hot. Great product 4 da price!!!!!

  18. Chris Peterson Says:

    Easy install, works good so far. Little over zealous on the max watts, but it works perfect for the price. Two Pioneer 10′s hooked to it and they sound good. Good overall product. Would recommend.

  19. Michael G Perry Says:

    it sounds great on the low bass has problems with high bass i would buy agian it is cheap but it gets the job done

  20. Tori Spade Says:

    $44 for a 1000 watts?wouldnt you wanna buy it!its a great buy,simple to set up and sounds cleann.only have had for a short time if anything changes i will update

  21. Marvin King II Says:

    this amp is not for anyone trying to shake houses with there really is only a 50 to 75 watt amp.but it pushes my 2 10 inch boss subs to there limit.i dont even have it turned all the way up and it works great i did hook it up bridged at 2 ohms and it maintained but was unnecessary for the subs i have.the instructions say its 2 ohm stable but it also says it could damage the amp if hooked up this way.not sure why they advertise it as 2 ohm stable when they dont want you to hook it up this way.for the money i am satisfied.

  22. Terry Detty Says:

    This amp is great for the price, i bought this about a month ago and im using with my two 12″ MTX terminators and they bump hard and it hasnt shut off or overheated and ive had it on for over a two hour trip and they bumped the whole way i rteccomend this amp to anyone who wants a good hit in your car for a very smnall price tag!

  23. Jamian Surenjav Says:

    its a really good amp can do good for a small to mid size car not good for suvs though

  24. Yvonne Dawson Says:

    It does everything it’s supposed to. I hooked up two 12″ kickers to the existing stock system in my Jeep and they pound. They’re so loud I had to turn the base all the way down. It’s a good cheap buy for a 2 channel set up, it rocks…..5 Stars…

  25. Allison Clarke Says:

    i bought this amp about 7 days ago and i hooked it up and it made my kicker l5 hit harder than my volfenhag 1000 watt amp it sounds great and is a great buy for the money at first i didnt think it would do very good because it was only about 60 dollars but when i hooked it up it really surprised me the only thing is its pretty big so if ur trying to fit this amp under ur seat then dont buy this one, great product

  26. Umer Akhtar Says:

    I would buy this amp again with out a doubt for my other truck when I imporove the sound system. Definetly worth the money if you are willing to compromise some on power, to save money! Decent Amp, I’m replacing an amp got ruined by an accident which cost me twice as much. So when I got this amp I loved the compact size. The amp pushes my 12″ kenwood sub with ease and it sounds great.

  27. Steven P Jonas Says:

    Hey i hooked this bad boy up today and im so happy i bought it, I have 4 8inch bazooka’s which are marine speakers but i got them in my car….Anyways i got those and a lanzar 15inch ( that i bought from here which may i add was an amazing price and is a really great quality product. So ya i got all that running from this alone and the system still makes my car shake even tho i need more wattage.

    Tomorrow i’ll have this bad boy running to the 15 alone and add my boss 650watt running to my 8inch subs. Overall though this amp is just incredible compared to what i’ve had in the past and i would recommend it to anyone i know.

  28. Kelly Crawford Says:

    It’s not too bad, since no one really tells what their spec’s are I’ll do that because it is helpful I think.
    I’m running it with 0gauge wire, which was a b**** because most amps don’t take that gauge, and 2 kicker comp 10′s which run at 150w rms 300w max. It does hit them hard, harder than my Rockford Fosgate prime 250-1.
    The issue with the RF was it would get waayy to hot so I thought maybe this one would push the subs better without all the heat.
    Definitely worth the buy since it is only 50+ bucks. It has a sleek design and a nice shiny white finish.

  29. Orlando Gutierrez Says:

    I bought one of these for my 2 ten inch Pyle Blue Label subs. The subs themselves are 600 peak. Their in a bandpass box and I wired everything like it’s supposed to be. The amp gets pretty hot after maybe 10 minutes of playing and it produces a hot electronic smell as well, not sure if that’s normal, I’m assuming not. It powers the subs pretty well with each sub to their own channel. It’s enough for a loud experience in the car, not so much out. It’d be ok for a quick band aid, but i wouldn;t suggest it for permanant solution. It’ll be a good amp to mess around with until I can get more money for a better quality amp as well as the pyle subwoofers, good band aid until I can get money for better quality.

  30. Hema Mahesh Says:

    i hooked this amp with a bazooka… works amazing.
    for the money is a steal. great amp.

  31. Karen S Musselman Says:

    i will have to say that this amp is veryyyyy good for its a lot of bass and hit to my kicker L5 ..its all that i can ask for

  32. Timothy Moore Says:

    I am powering two Rockford P-2s 12s and have it dropped down to the right ohms but this just doesnt seem to put that much power out. It is a inexpensive amp and I would expect big boom but would have liked to have a bit more. This product was shipped extremely fast and was packaged perfectly. I would reccommend this product for the price.

  33. Indran Manickam Says:

    Lots of power, small design, Has a High Pass Filter and Low Pass Filter built in, makeing adjustments is simple. I love it

  34. Dion Semeniuk Says:

    I wouldnt recommend this amp for any subwoofers or anything big, its peak maybe be 500 watts but its rms is only 75 for 2 ohm, 50 for 4ohm. If you buy this i would recommend using if for a stereo or maybe an 8inch sub. I personally bought it and didnt read the specs on it and when i got it i was shocked and the low rms. definatly not enough to power my 2 10″ 1000 watt peak subs, so i returned it. Other than that, its heavy and big so if u plan on hiding it under a seat, u might want to change those plans right now.

  35. Terry Lamb Says:

    This amp pushes my 2 Obcon 12s great. but the only down side is that it over heats. Great amp for the price though!

  36. Michele Lee Says:

    When I first hooked up this amp it wasn’t sounding right, I realized the sub I had couldn’t handle the watts but I bought two 12″ Kickers and the amp worked perfect. I have only had it for a few days now but it hasn’t over heated or anything. Its a good cheap reliable amp, I would recommended this to anyone that’s planning on having a loud cheap system.

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